“My business is Marketing your property.”

For Vendors : http://www.reaa.govt.nz

  • The best market price.
  • In the shortest time.
  • With as little stress as possible.

Vendors Hints :

Take a look at your home, as if through the eyes of a purchaser.

  • First impressions are lasting.
    The outside front of your home is the face of your home. An inviting exterior including gate, fence, garden and lawns, invites buyer inspection.
  • Tired interior.
    Why try and tell a potential buyer how your home could look, when you can show them by redecorating.
  • A clean home attracts buyers.
    Ensure your home is sparkling clean when every buyer comes through and you’ll great enhance it’s appeal.
  • Stop taps dripping.
    Dripping taps stain sinks and give the impression that the plumbing may be faulty. Check all taps and replace washers as required.
  • Simple maintenance.
    Loose or missing knobs and catches, sticking doors and draws all detract from the property’s value.
  • Remember safety.
    Avoid cluttered appearance and possible injuries. Keep stairways, doorways, and walkways clear.
  • Restful bedrooms.
    Achieve a happy medium… a warm friendly room, with untidiness. Bedrooms can have a clinical coldness you see in a hotel room, or they can look as if “they have just been slept in”.
  • Kitchen.
    A clean well-ordered, neat and tidy kitchen adds greatly to the appeal of a home. Try to look at it as if through the eyes of the buyer.
  • Clean bathrooms.
    They are one of the key rooms in a house. Bright and clean bathrooms add immensely to the saleability of your home.
  • Show the true size.
    Display the true size of your spare rooms, attic, basement, garage, and other utility space by removing all unnecessary articles.
  • Storage areas.
    Everyone needs storage space. Show potential buyers how much storage you have. Keep cupboards and drawers neat and well-ordered.
  • The added touch.
    The smell of freshly baked bread, brewed coffee, or a vase of flowers really adds a homely feel to your property.

Buyer appointments or open homes :

Most people prefer to inspect a property with an independent person.

  • Lights and heating.
    Illumination is like a welcome sign. The potential buyer will appreciate your home more if you turn on all the lights for an evening inspection. Where practical, have your home heated to a comfortable level.
  • Give the buyer space.
    Avoid having too many people present during an inspection. The potential buyer will feel like an intruder and will hurry to move through… and out of… the house!
  • You enjoy music.
    But not when showing a house. Shut off the blaring radio and television. Let the Leaders Marketing Manager and buyer talk, free of disturbances and interruptions.
  • Conversation.
    Be courteous, but do not force the conversation with your visitor. He or she wants to inspect your home, not pay a social call.
  • Pets under control.
    Your pet may be an unwelcome intrusion to a buyer intent on inspection his possible home of the future. Please keep them out of the way where possible.
  • Questions regarding your property.
    Let your Leaders Marketing Manager answer any questions or objections regarding your property.
  • Vendors presence. Potential buyers often feel hindered by the vendors presence. Your Leaders Marketing Manager knows the buyer’s requirements, and can better emphasize the features of your home.
  • Selling your excess furniture.
    Do not try to sell chattels or furniture to the potential buyer before he or she has completed the purchase, as this is bad psychology.
  • Negotiations.
    Let your Marketing Manager discuss price terms , possessions, and other factors with the potential buyer. Your Leaders Marketing Manager is trained to bring negotiations to a conclusion, satisfactory to both parties.

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