Do you have questions about a Heart By-Pass operation?

What are the tests like and what do they do to you?

What are the thoughts running through your head – and how can you cope with them?

What can the family expect to experience?

What is the recovery like?

Will I be able to continue to do the things I enjoy?

If you or a member of your family is having a heart by-pass – there maybe something here for you.

In 1996 Rob had a triple heart by-pass. As a way of coping, he started writing down his thoughts and fears including details of his days, the processes and the experiences. These writings even continued while in the Intensive Care Unit. All of these have come together in this diary.

A copy was placed at the hospital where Rob’s operation was undertaken. It has become recommended reading for people having similar surgery and their families. So many people have made comments on the help and comfort they have gained from reading this diary, we have been prompted to make it accessible to others via our website.

Please feel free to download Rob’s story – We hope that by sharing our story, we can help others understand the mystery of heart by-pass operations. NOTE: there are 46 pages!

Below you’ll find links to download the full story of Rob’s heart by-pass experience in both Word and PDF format.

Please Note: This story is the copyright property of Rob Marshall and is to be used for personal use only. Under no circumstances may anyone replicate or use any part of this document or information supplied here for commercial purposes or distribution.

Remember, the heart is like a finely tuned car and when you have this operation the tuning goes out of kilter and will take some time to retune itself. The patient is the best judge of how to pace himself and how far he can push his body to recover. Don’t judge your recovery by others!

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