For Buyers :

  • Helping you to invest your money wisely in home or investment property,
    that suits your individual needs.

Buyers Hints – where to start :

  • Get advice from your Bank or a Mortgage Broker:
    Find out how much money you are able to borrow with the deposit that you have available. Be aware of the repayments you will have to make, over what term the loan will be, and how much the set up fees will be.
    If you are looking at a fixed loan check what penalties you will have to pay if you ever decide to pay extra off the loan or pay off the loan. Some lending institutions will give you the flexibility to pay off an extra proportion every year. This can be great if you get a bonus, or a windfall arises.
  • Decide on the lawyer you will want to use:
    Make contact with your lawyer and be informed on the fees that you will be charged. Remember, a home is the biggest asset most people will ever buy in their life and lawyers are there to protect you and your interests.
  • Decide where you would like to live:
    Take a drive and look around all the suburbs that you are interested in. Some suburbs are very old established areas with the houses aged between 70 to over 100 years old. Other suburbs have been established for about 30 or 40 years, or there are the new subdivisions. Choose areas and the type of houses you like, so you can narrow down your house hunting.
    A lot of people write a list of what they want from a house, e.g. good sun, a garage, 4 bedrooms etc. From this list, decide what is most important, and what you could live without. This will help you exclude houses that you have no interest in, right from the start.
    Take into account proximity to shops, transport, schools, views, access, and how far it will be to travel to your place of work .
  • Choose Real Estate Salespeople that you want to work with:
    Talk to friends about Real Estate companies and salespeople that they have used. If they have done a good job, call them to help you. Start looking for properties yourself. Check the Real Estate section in Saturday’s Evening Post, and pick up a copy of the ‘Property Press’, which is delivered to free distribution boxes every Wednesday morning, and is free. These boxes can be found outside most Real Estate offices and supermarkets.
    Make a list and visit all the Open Homes in the suburbs you could be interested to buy in.
  • When you find the home of your choice:
    You are ready to make an offer to the vendor. This will usually be done on an Auckland Law Society Sales and Purchase agreement. When an agreement has been signed by both parties, it becomes a contract, and is enforceable by law. Be guided by your Lawyer and your Real Estate Salesperson. Keep in mind there are several conditional clauses which can be put in to protect you, e.g. conditional on a title search, availability of finance, builders report, valuers report etc.

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