Experience + Knowledge + Enthusiasm = RESULTS

Real Estate Salesperson since 1988 with experience, local knowledge & heaps of enthusiasm and energy, which will ensure results.

lynnephotobigL oves life, is lighthearted and smiley.
Y ou will get the best!
N ana to Dylan, Ryan Caprice, Ashely and Miguel.
N ature and animal lover.
E nthusiastic, motivated and successful.

M other to 2 daughters.
A chievement focused.
R eal Estate investor.
S ea loving husband.
H onest and helpful.
A round the world traveller.
L atin & ballroom dancer and teacher.
L isting, selling and leading.

Lynne Marshall – Qualified as a Branch Manager – Specialising in Residential Sales and Marketing.

Born and bred in Wellington, I have always loved living here.

After Rob and I got married, we did our overseas experience and then we bought a house in Miramar and started a family. In 1985 the house next door came up for sale. It was run down, but we bought it and as a family we spent six months doing it up to rent out. When it was completed and before getting tenants, we had it re-valued and were pleasantly surprised to discover the valuation had increased significantly.

Our daughters, Sandra and Janice learned from this experience and when they married each couple purchased a run down old house. They did them up and sold them, again making a nice profit. This earned them the capital to advance to better homes and both couples have now purchased very nice properties in Wellington’s Eastern and Southern suburbs. Rob and I are still happy to live in our original home, but have since purchased several more investment properties (our retirement fund!).

It’s easy to sell a product that you really believe in, especially when you are aware that the purchaser is buying an asset. In years to come, if the property is maintained correctly, the purchaser will inevitably be able to return a nice profit when it is sold. I was so enthusiastic that in 1987 I sat my Real Estate exams and after qualifying immediately got a job selling residential properties in the Eastern suburbs.

After the first couple of years selling Real Estate I discovered I had become very well known in the district. Clients I had served were returning – to trade up or to buy investment properties and better still they began to send their friends to see me. I was very pleased about that as I regard referrals as a great compliment, a statement of confidence and satisfaction from an existing client.

In July 1997 I moved into the city and became Branch Manager/Sales Consultant to a super team of very enthusiastic salespeople in the Leaders Willis Street office, which then transferred to Brandon Street. In March 2001 a new challenge was offered – as the Branch Manager of our Karori office, another fantastic team of salespeople. Then I returned to manage the great Eastern and Southern Suburbs team in the Kilbirnie office. August 2013, I stepped back from the Branch Manager role, but I am still actively listing and selling properties

I love Wellington, especially the Eastern and Southern Suburbs. There is no place in the world I would prefer to live.

“My Business is Marketing your Property.”

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The following are quotes I relate to my Business.

quote No legacy is so rich as honesty.
William Shakespeare

quoteIt is the ability to deliver a consistent quality of service every time, that brings customers back.
Geoffrey Moss

quoteNinety percent of all millionaires became so through owning real estate.
Andrew Carnegie

quoteTo love what you do and feel that it matters. How could anything be more fun?
Katherine Graham